Thursday, 2 March 2034

Four-phase Sexual-response Cycle

Loins Rampant

1. Initial excitement - preparing for coitus:

a. Increase in heart & breathing rate and a rise in blood pressure;

b. an increase in the muscle tone of certain muscle groups - occurring both voluntarily and involuntarily;

c. the penis becomes partially erect; and,

d. both testicles become drawn upward toward the perineum.

2. Arousal plateau - coitus:

a. Prior to orgasm there are further increases in circulation and heart rate;

b. sexual pleasure increases with increased stimulation;

c. muscle tension increases;

d. respiration continues at an elevated level;

e. the male urethral sphincter contracts (to prevent urine mixing with semen and guard against retrograde ejaculation);

f. muscles at the base of the penis begin a steady rhythmic contraction; and,

g. the testicles rise closer to the body.

3. Orgasm:

a. Accompanied by quick cycles of muscle contraction in the lower pelvic muscles - surrounding both the anus and the primary sexual organs;

b. heart rate increases again;

c. each ejaculate spurt of semen is associated with a wave of sexual pleasure - especially in the loins; and,

d. thereafter, each contraction is associated with a diminishing volume of semen and a milder wave of pleasure.

4. Resolution:

a. After orgasm the muscles relax;

b. blood pressure drops; and,

c. the body slows from its excited state.

all the pussy you can eat

A - E
F - J
N - Z

Rating the Quality of the Pussy:

  1. Worth a look;
  2. Gentle Throbbin’ - Light throbbing;
  3. Rapid Stiff’ning - Hot flushes;
  4. Loins Rampant - Moist underpants;
  5. Getchyer knickers off - Painful blue balls!

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